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Banwood is a long time admirer of the iconic House of Rispal Paris. Both, Banwood and Rispal, have brought their take of a modern design to the outside world - Rispal with its focus on the core of creating lighting designs from The Golden Age of French furniture and Banwood with establishing kid’s products in timeless designs and encouraging an active lifestyle.
Handlebar height: 50-53 cm
Saddle height: 38-45 cm
Weight: 4.5 kg
(9 kg including oak display)


The balance streamline bike 12'* features a unique design
with influences from the French
Golden Age and it stands out
for the exclusive selection of
materials and details.
*This no pedal bike is recommended
from 2.5 years.Certified for children 3-5 years.



"ICON, a piece of art for the parents to be proud of"

After graduating as an interior designer at Camondo School in Paris,
Douglas Mont started his journey within the world of lightning. His work
is inspired by the inventive and careless artistic innovations of The
French Golden Age. Many years of dedicated work and research
have provided the basis for the eco-responsible approach that
illustrates his creations.

gold bike │streamline bike│no pedal bike

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