Vintage Toddler Tricycle - Banwood
Vintage Toddler Tricycle - Banwood
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  • Banwood Trike - White
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    Toddler Tricycle, Kids Trike, Tricycle for Kids This white toddler tricycle is minimalistic and timeless and fits the youngest family member perfectly. An outdoor adventure with the smallest one on a kids trike awaits!This Tricycle for Kids is suitable from 3 years and built to last for generations and comes with a softly padded oak seat, oak wood...
  • Banwood Trike - Red
    $ 195 In Stock
    Banwood Tricycles | Retro Trike | Red Tricycle This timeless designed Banwood tricycles for kids are the perfect way to get the youngest one familiar with biking and coordination training. This retro styled trike is available in six different colors and is suitable for kids from 3 years.This red tricyclecomes with a softly padded oak seat, vegan...
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  • Banwood Trike - Pink
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    Pink Tricycle | Girls Trike | Girls Tricycle The Banwood Trike is a classic designed Toddler Girls trike suitable for kids from 3 years old. Even the smallest explorer can now go out on a family bike ride!This pink girls tricycle has a cute wicker basket in front, perfect to bring their favorite toys along on the ride. It also comes with a removable...
  • Banwood Trike - Navy
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    Vintage Tricycle | Toddler Tricycle | Push Tricycle With this classic designed navy toddler tricycle, you can bring everyone in the family for an outdoor bike ride, even the youngest one! This blue vintage tricycle in is suitable for children from 3 years and is the perfect way to practice their balance and motor skills.This Push Tricycle comes with...
    Banwood Trike - Green
    $ 195 In Stock
    Baby Trike | Toddler Tricycle | Classic Tricycle Take the whole family on a biking adventure and let the youngest one ride along on this timeless designed baby trike with green finish.The seat of this classic tricycle is made out of oak and is softly padded for a comfortable ride. The grips are made out of vegan leather, wooden oak pedals and a...
    $ 195 In Stock
    Balance Tricycle | Retro Tricycle | Toddler Trike This Banwood Toddler Trike is a classic designed baby retro tricycle and is the perfect way to bring even the smallest ones out on an outdoor bike ride. It’s suitable for kids from 3 years and comes with a detachable push handle, to help the smallest ones get started.This cream balance tricycle for...
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Toddler Tricycle | Baby Tricycle | Trike | Vintage Trike

The Banwood Trike is a classic designed toddler tricycle and is a source for comfort and joy for all children.

Featuring a soft padded oak seat, vegan leather details, wooden oak pedals, a cute wicker basket in front for packing the essentials and six different colors to choose from - one to suit every child’s personal style.

This vintage trike is suitable for kids starting from 3 years old, a removable push bar is included and can be attached in the back of the Trike to help the smallest one gets started safely.

Except for the fact that a baby tricycle is great for balance training and motor activity, it’s also a way to get physical exercise, release energy and develop spatial awareness. When the child eventually moves on to a bigger bike it will do so with more confidence, strength, focus and observance.

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